Our Training

We are your voice. At iVox, we customize our training programs to ensure our Certified Client Professionals are a representation of the mission, vision and culture of your business. We are able to design training programs for you, or expertly facilitate modules you have already developed.

Our classroom training programs are rigorously academic with multiple written and verbal assessments. Our trainers employ hands-on learning techniques to ensure that Certified Client Professionals have the skills and knowledge to represent your voice; to ensure your business objectives.

We leverage a vast understanding of adult learning theories that are integrated into a certification program. This certification process is designed to lead to a representative that creates unique interactions with your customers on each and every contact experience.

Our consistent evaluation and monitoring identifies opportunities for innovations which result in out-of-box training and coaching. This also ensures calibration of your culture with the iVox culture allowing for a Certified Client Professional that will embrace the face of your brand.

We understand that things change and our training team is nimble. We are able to quickly develop and facilitate update training for any new product or service offerings you may produce.

Learning is not just a classroom activity at iVox. We have a comprehensive coaching and development program for all Certified Client Professionals that ensures professional growth and depth among our Professionals.